Liebert LT410 Point Leak Detection Sensor

Spot Type Water Leakage Detector

Zone Type Water Leak Detection System

Water Sensing Cable


Series 1000 Satellite Transmission Remote Monitoring Unit 遠程衛星傳訊監控單元

RMU-1210 / RMU-1350 / RMU-1540


  Designed for outdoor use, this rugged RMU can monitor fixed or mobile equipment, sensors, and environmental conditions
專為室外使用而設計,這款堅固的 RMU 可以監控固定或移動設備、傳感器和環境狀況
  Satellite Transmission - Simply mount the RMU so that it is exposed to sky and you’ll have satellite communication
只需安裝 RMU 並使其暴露在天空中,即可進行衛星通訊
  Battery Operated - Provides extended operation on replaceable AA batteries when configured for an average of a few transmissions per day
當每天需要多次傳輸時,可輕易透過更換 AA 電池擴展操作
  Serves as a low-cost alternative to traditional SCADA and Data Acquisition systems
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      Series 1000 Brochure 小冊子  (747 KB)    
      RMU-1210 Datasheet 數據表  (1.13 MB)    
      RMU-1350 Datasheet 數據表  (1.66 MB)    
      RMU-1540 Datasheet 數據表  (1.65 MB)